Dinosaurs galore!

Long, long time ago one of our boys was crazy over dinosaurs. Our place was filled with dinosaurs stuff – toys, DVDs, books etc. It was also the time when Toy r us had a lot of Dinosaurs Train products from Jim Henson. As a result our place got lots of books about dinosaurs, from encyclopedia to books with pop-up pictures.

Title: Dinosaurs, discover prehistoric life

Publishing house: Miles Kelly

Condition: 8/10

Title: Dinosaurs

Publishing house: Pathfinders

Condition: 8/10

Title: Amazing Giant Dinosaurs

Publishing house: DK

Condition: 6/10

Title: Dinosaurs, Discovery Starts with a single word

Publishing house: DK

Condition: 8/10

Title: Planet Dinosaur

Publishing house: BBC

Condition: 9/10

Title: Amazing Dinosaurs

Publishing house: Discovery Kids

Condition: 8/10

Title: The Natural History Museum Book of Dinosaurs

Publishing house: Natural History Museum

Condition: 8/10

Hope you enjoy reading!

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