Mamalove twin stroller

After we had our third child it became inevitable that we need to upgrade their current “ride” – from a single stroller to a twin one. We did some research and was going to give up the idea. Mainly because of two factors – cost and mobility. We are keen to get one that is not built like a tank and not costly (less than $500). And both does not come hand in hand.

However we chanced upon this particular twin stroller while doing some window shopping in a mall. It has a good price tag, sturdy and good size.

As you can see from above the stroller has large seats front and back. It has “shelter” for both “passengers” to provide some shade in our sunny island. In addition it has wheel locks for both rear wheels to prevent any mishap when stationary on slopes.


The best part which we like is the ease of use which should be the same as most parents. The stroller only takes 3 steps – unlock the stopper, spread the stroller and lock it.

Last but not least, did we mention the price is very reasonable? Well, we need to say it again. It’s much lesser than our budget of 500 bucks.

We now hope that it can find a new home to someone that needs it.


Disney’s Wonderful World Of Knowledge

Just realised we have a whole collection of Disney’s encyclopaedia lying in the house!

Apparently this is an updated and enlarged English version of one printed in Italian language by this company¬†– Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Milan since 1973 (older than me!) This version that we have is printed in 1989! Not sure if there is such things as “vintage book collection”, maybe this can be consider as one?

There are 25 books in this collection and we are amazed at the condition! Other than some yellowing on some pages, the binding are still very strong and no loose pages. Seems the book printing way back in 1980s are much better or perhaps these books were never read.

Do let us know if anyone is interested in being the new owner of these vintage books.