Tomica Construction Equipments

It’s been a while since i started collect 1:64 diecast vehicles. It begins with Starwars series, then added Disney theme ones, street cars etc… And not forgetting those heavy construction equipments.

However my collection has expanded beyond what i can afford in terms of storage space hence has to let go of some… And with heavy heart i decided to sell away the construction equipments. Please feel free to look around and offer.

#71 Hitachi Construction Machinery Wheel Loader WZ220

Box condition: 8/10

Vehicle condition: 7/10

Price: $6 exclude postage

This is a old blue Tomy label hence has some age. The box is in good condition with no torn. The vehicle, however has a chip as shown in the photos.

#52 Yanmar Tractor Ecotra EG300 Series

Box condition: 8/10

Vehicle condition: 10/10

Price: $6 exclude postage

**the box has slight yellow stain**

#66 Yanmar Combine AJ218

Box condition: 10/10

Vehicle condition: 10/10

Price: $6 exclude postage

#59 Sakai Vibratory Tandem Roller SW502-1

Box condition: 9/10

Vehicle condition: 8/10

Price: $6 exclude postage

This is a real heavy piece of art work. Only flaw is a paint chip as shown in the photo.

#63 Maeda Seisakusho Mini Crawler Crane

Box condition: 10/10

Vehicle condition: 10/10

Price: $5 exclude postage

Legs can be extended which is pretty cool to me.

#9 Komatsu Power Shovel PC200 Galeo

Box condition: 8/10

Vehicle condition: 10/10

Price: $10 exclude postage

Another old blue label series which by the way cannot be found in stores. This is in excellent condition given the age.

#47 Nichijo Manufacturing Rotory Snowplow

Box condition: 10/10

Vehicle condition: 10/10

Price: $6 exclude postage

That’s all for today, thanks for viewing!

Tomica Disney collection

Recently i have been “influenced” by a colleague into collecting Tomica Disney diecast collection. A bit of intro, Tomica is a toy company found in Japan around 1924 where is was known as TOMY. The name Tomica was created around 1970s.

The Disney collection is more expensive then the normal red and white box type which you can find in places like Toy R Us and department stores. This is quite justifiable in my opinion because the Disney collection are usually printed with famous characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald duck etc. Cut the words short, please enjoy actual photos of my current collection.

Model : DM-01 and DM-08

Mickey Mouse classic car with open top
Minnie mouse classic car with open top
Model : D-40 Mazda Demio
One thing i like with Tomica is some of the parts can be open like this.

D-26 Toyota Will Cipher Pinocchio

D-20 Honda City Dumbo

Takara Tomy Collection

Die cast cars and figures have always looks good, I mean it’s colourful, often comes with a theme like Disney, Star Wars etc. We came across some really cool ones during our holiday trips to Hong Kong and Japan. Took the plunge to buy them (they are not cheap!).

Star Wars – Japan

These were purchased from 7-11 and after getting the realised it’s quite limited as you do not find them in retail shops like Toy R Us.

From what we understand this is one type of stormtrooper but not the regular white ones. They are called the Shadow stormtrooper.

We think this vehicle here needs no introduction right? It’s Darth Vader himself pulling a truck 😀.

Last but not least is the greenish R2-D2. Dun ask me why they come in green, maybe because 7-11 corporate colour is green? Nonetheless this is quite a cool piece.

Star wars – Hong Kong

We came across two figures from Hong Kong which has a “Not for sale” message printed on the box. Needless to say we grab them immediately. True enough these are quite rare, at least based on what we see in Carousel Singapore.

The Shadow stormtrooper is in die cast material, fully black and comes with a weapon. Likewise the R2-D2 is also in die cast material.

Product: Star Wars Shadow Stormtrooper

Dimension: W41 x H79 x D41

Material: diecast


Product: Star Wars R2-D2

Dimension: W41 x H78 x D39

Material: diecast


Overall we find it quite fun and interesting to acollect these figures and vehicles. It is inexpensive and gives you another objective when travelling. We will continue to lookout for cool stuff and post here, please keep a lookout!