Tomica Disney collection

Recently i have been “influenced” by a colleague into collecting Tomica Disney diecast collection. A bit of intro, Tomica is a toy company found in Japan around 1924 where is was known as TOMY. The name Tomica was created around 1970s.

The Disney collection is more expensive then the normal red and white box type which you can find in places like Toy R Us and department stores. This is quite justifiable in my opinion because the Disney collection are usually printed with famous characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald duck etc. Cut the words short, please enjoy actual photos of my current collection.

Model : DM-01 and DM-08

Mickey Mouse classic car with open top
Minnie mouse classic car with open top
Model : D-40 Mazda Demio
One thing i like with Tomica is some of the parts can be open like this.
D-26 Toyota Will Cipher Pinocchio
D-20 Honda City Dumbo

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